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Zymeworks Inc (N:ZYME)

North America Insider Sentiment Trends

Insider Sentiment versus SPDR S&P 500 ETF

Insider Sentiment versus TSX

Updated at 11:59pm ET January 18th, 2022

InsiderTracking is the only free source for insider trading alerts and reports across both the US and Canadian stock markets. Our front page. Insider Sentiment Trends Report features the INK Indicators.

INK indicators are a daily rolling survey about how insiders view the opportunity to make the market or in specific sectors. As the indicator rises, the smart money is becoming more optimistic. They measure the level and direction of insider sentiment by looking at key stock purchases and sales by executives. The indicator is the ratio of stocks with key insider buying over those with key insider selling. Each company is treated equally regardless of size.

Above are indicators for both the US (NYSE/NYSE MKT & NASDAQ) and Canada (Toronto).

The only free source for North American stocks with top insider buying or selling.

Top Filers Past 7 Days: Stocks with Officer & Director Buying or Selling

Based on SEC Forms 4 & 5 and Canadian SEDI Filings


Updated at 11:59pm ET January 18th, 2022
Issuers with Net Buying
ECN Capital (T:ECN*CA)


Updated at 11:59pm ET January 18th, 2022
Issuers with Net Buying